Solutions for the ups and downs of Mass Torts

Individuals may disappear for any number of reasons. Finding evasive or missing people is often complicated. You need an experienced professional to help you locate them. At CMTAS we provide a variety of services to help you locate missing or unreachable individuals.

Let CMTAS help you get the most out of your advertising dollar and settlement negotiations.


Stop Waiting for Signed Retainers

You advertised, received many responses, screened your new clients and sent retainers – but now you see that not all of the retainers have been returned.

Obtaining Medical Records

The CMTAS staff will constantly monitor the process of obtaining Medical Records ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


CMTAS will do whatever it takes to get settlement documents signed quickly and properly.

Turn your settlements into cash now, each day your clients don’t sign the releases, is costing you money.

Don’t wait one more day!

We have used a few different services over the years, and no one has provided the level of customer service that CMTAS has. They are very reliable and they communicate every step of the way.

— John A. Williams

I was really impressed with the ability of the CMTAS team to handle some of our most complex cases. They were very timely, and exceeded our expectations in every sense. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to increase the return rate on their cases!

— Lisa Robinson