We will leave no stone unturned to find all your clients and obtain their signatures.

We will obtain your clients signatures even if we find them in hospitals, rehab facilities, prisons, retirement homes, other countries.

Our Most Challenging Experience (to date)

An Avandia Case.

We were unable to locate the client, or any family member, over the course of several weeks. Finally a neighbor told us our subject’s wife shot him. We contacted the police detective in charge of the case who gave us the name of the hospital where our subject died, our subject lived in Alabama but he passed at a Navy hospital in Florida. We finally convinced a clerk at the hospital to go through the records and give us the name of the person who was there for the death certificate.

We found him, he was an adopted son of the client’s third wife, he had been married 7 times!! We located him but, he had no information on any doctors or clinics his father may have gone throughout his life. He did obtain the death certificate which showed death by heart attack giving us Proof of Injury. The Navy hospital had no records of Avandia use.

We located the woman who shot our subject (he did not pass from the bullet and she was not in jail anymore). We were able to convince her to give us the name of the doctor our subject was seeing in Alabama. We contacted him and he gave us Proof of Use.

Right Contact Info With No Response

 Below is a perfect example of having the right address and number with no response. We located not just the client but the  correct person to sign the release!

 We skip traced the client and he was living at the same address the firm had, the phone number was ringing at that  address but there was no answer and no voice mail. We also found his brother and the phone number, he claimed they had not spoken to each other in more than 40 years. We sent a notary in the evening but there was no answer and lots of mail in the mailbox. We obtained unpublished numbers of neighbors, and convinced one neighbor to go at 6AM and 11PM to knock at the house, and to leave notes on the door with no success.

The neighbor told us the client lived with a daughter who had been in and out of rehab facilities. We called every rehab facility in the area until we found her. To our dismay, she was in a detox center, incommunicado. We spoke to more than 7 people at that facility until finally we were able to convince someone there to give us the name of the relative listed in her file. Of course no phone or address, just the name. It turned out to be her sister, daughter of the client with a complete different last name, not showing on any database. We also found out that the client, in his 80s, had a stroke but no one knew where he was.

We finally found the address of the second daughter in NY. We sent the documents and an explanation via FedEx, her husband signed but they still didn’t call. We had to skip trace and find the phone number of their landlord and then convince the landlord the importance of going to see her and having her call us. Then she called. Her father was in a rehab facility but she had power of attorney, she signed the documents and FedExed them along with the power of attorney.

The daughter had no idea the father had signed up for a lawsuit. She of course did not care if our expenses came out of the father’s settlement. She was very grateful we even found her and very eager to help once she understood what was going on.

Some other POU/POI Experiences

  • We had a doctor on a Zyprexa case actually write a letter that he never prescribed it. We then found the owner of a small pharmacy that had closed down and he produced the records showing that the same doctor had prescribed Zyprexa for 2 years!
  • There was a doctor who retired and took his records with him. We found him in another state living in a cabin, we convinced him to go through his records in his attic and he gave them to us.
  • Many records were lost in Katrina, but some doctors after we went through great efforts to find them have been willing to sign affidavits on memory alone after we found them in other states.

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