Obtaining Joy’s Signature

Sometimes a client may be unresponsive because they are in an unique life situation. However, we are experts at locating them. Here is one of many examples where we have been successful in times of complexity. Joy was not responding to the law firm’s letters and they were not able to find any new addresses.Continue reading “Obtaining Joy’s Signature”

Conquering Roadblocks since 1986

 We have been obtaining proofs for mass torts since 1986.  At first glance it sounds like an easy proposition to do it in-house, but in reality it can be a little more complicated:  doctors retire, move, or die and take their records; clinics and hospitals are bought by other entities or they shut down; pharmaciesContinue reading “Conquering Roadblocks since 1986”

Right Address, No Response? We Can Find Them.

Don’t wait one more day!  Let us get that money for you ASAP! Below is a perfect example of having the right address and number with no response.  We located not just the client, but the correct person to sign the release! We skip traced the client and he was living at the same address the firm had on file. The phone number was ringing at thatContinue reading “Right Address, No Response? We Can Find Them.”

We go through lengths to do our job.

 And our job is to locate your unresponsive clients and make sure you get the most return on your investment.  We will locate your clients to: 1.      Sign your firm’s retainers 2.      Locate non-responsive clients 3.      Have them sign the release on settlements.We help find even the hardest clients. Here is one example from the 2014 NuvaRing Lawsuit:NuvaRing Lawsuit:In 2014, Merck &Continue reading “We go through lengths to do our job.”