Calif. Woman Awarded $50M In Talc Suit

A Los Angeles jury has awarded a 76-year-old woman and her husband more than $50 million in damages for the cancer she said she got from using Avon cosmetics containing asbestos-tainted talc, according to a pair of verdicts. The jury found that Avon Products Inc.’s negligence in manufacturing its cosmetics was a substantial factor in causing harmContinue reading “Calif. Woman Awarded $50M In Talc Suit”

We go through lengths to do our job.

 And our job is to locate your unresponsive clients and make sure you get the most return on your investment.  We will locate your clients to: 1.      Sign your firm’s retainers 2.      Locate non-responsive clients 3.      Have them sign the release on settlements.We help find even the hardest clients. Here is one example from the 2014 NuvaRing Lawsuit:NuvaRing Lawsuit:In 2014, Merck &Continue reading “We go through lengths to do our job.”