We Can Obtain Military Records For Your 3M Clients!

Your clients may be having trouble obtaining proof of military service; form DD214.  It can be a long process, exhausting and highly frustrating.  Most vets will be routed to the national archive free records request system.  It is a manual process that requires you to print, sign, stamp, and mail or fax a confusing application to the government and then wait weeks for your documents in the mail.  Vets can also try their luck with other avenues.  There are 100s of records repositories across the US.  But unfortunately, no matter which they try, too many requests are met with complications, long waiting periods or dead ends.
Most US military records are not yet digitized, and this has created a needle in the haystack situation.  Vets can’t count on their local national agent to go the extra mile to help them.  There are 51 separate agencies housing national guard records across 50 states and D.C.  But they don’t collaborate well, nor do they have access to records of all the army, navy, marines, air force, coastguards etc. simultaneously.  If the record you’re looking for is housed in one of these locations, you have to contact each location individually until you find the correct one housing your record.  If you reach out to a national agency requesting a record located elsewhere, you will simply get a letter asking you search elsewhere.  The process of attempting this task on your own is often fruitless and endless.
We have a team that is highly familiar with government protocol and procedure, as well as record retrieval.  We even physically stand in line at repositories, and also have a rapport with government personnel.
Once we locate your client, we will confirm their current phone number, back up contacts, home address and email.  We will also collect their signature and all the information required to obtain the DD214.  We can also help them obtain Proof of Injury.

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