Bayer Rejects Global Roundup Settlement

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ROUNDUP UPDATE: After its 5th consecutive trial win in the Roundup liability cases, Bayer AG will not settle on the tens of thousands of cases still pending, court documents show. Despite the company losing two appeals in connection with two multi-million-dollar verdicts in California earlier this year, Bayer has stated “Monsanto intends on defending itself in the litigation and will only consider resolving outstanding current cases and claims if it is strategically advantageous to do so”. Plaintiffs have asked the court to end the multidistrict litigation process(MDL) to allow remaining cases to go to trial, claiming that the MDL process “does not work” and that after two years the MDL program is “not advancing case resolution in a meaningful way”. Conversely, Bayer has said in a statement that it wants to keep MDL intact, and does not support a proposed settlement. (DTN/Progressive Farmer) (Law360)

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