Personal care company ALYK Inc. has been hit with a proposed class action in New York federal court by consumers claiming the company’s LOLA tampons unravel inside their bodies when removed, which the suit says has forced some users to seek medical help to remove cotton pieces stuck inside them.

The lawsuit alleges that LOLA’s 100% organic cotton tampons lack a protective coating to prevent its products from shedding while being used by consumers, which can lead to vaginal infections, irritation, injury and other symptoms.

After first purchasing LOLA’s tampons in February, consumer Kimberly Manson said one of the brand’s tampons disintegrated and unraveled while she was removing it, which left behind pieces of cotton. Manson said she experienced “burning sensations and localized discomfort” as a result of the defect and subsequently stopped using the brand’s tampons.

Before purchasing LOLA’s tampons, Manson said she read the product’s packaging, which states that it is “gynecologist-approved,” and led her to believe the product was safe to use. Had she been aware of the alleged product defect, Manson said she would not have purchased LOLA’s products.

Although other brands use a protective coating to prevent their tampons from shedding or coming apart inside of consumers, LOLA’s products lack such coating.

 Manson aims to represent a class of other consumers who used the product, along with a subclass of customers who purchased the company’s products in New York.

The proposed class is asking ALYK to issue a recall of its products because of health concerns, and compensatory, statutory and punitive damages in amounts to be determined by the court, along with an order of restitution.


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