Turn Your Settlement into Cash!

Turn your settlements into cash now! Each day your clients don’t sign the releases is costing you money.  You worked so hard to get a settlement and now the clients are not responding?  You are there to give them money, and after advancing your money, your time, your extreme effort, they are not responding?

If you were to factor that money because you need it to run your business, it would cost you 6%.  If, for example, you have a $200,000 settlement, for each month you don’t have the signature, then that costs you $12,000! $12,000 you don’t have to invest in other cases!  Is it worth $12,000 per month to try to do this in-house just so you can save a few hundred dollars in expenses for your client?  How many months are you going to wait?

Don’t spend more time, and most importantly, money, chasing your clients to sign the settlements.  We specialize in finding your client and obtaining the signatures on the releases.  There is a big difference between a skip trace —which means finding somebody’s address– and locating somebody to physically sign your settlement.

Just because you have the correct address and phone number does not mean the clients will call you back or answer your letters.  Let us, the experts, do that for you.  Our fees are expenses that are subtracted from the settlement; your in-house department is costing your firm.

Not only do you pay the tens if not hundreds of hours in salaries, but what takes your in-house department weeks if not months takes our firm just a few days!  That alone is thousands of dollars saved by your firm.

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