Don’t Let Unresponsive Clients Cloud Your Day!

Many settlements like TVM are already here. Don’t let unresponsive clients cloud the happy occasion! We will find them and get them to sign the settlement letters, at no risk to you.
With a small retainer, if we don’t find them, you don’t pay.
Are you missing signed retainers? We will get them signed. Don’t give up on those clients just because they didn’t respond in time! There are tons of reasons clients may not respond:

  • They are in the hospital.
  • They are ill, such as suffering from a stroke.
  • They passed away – (in that case, we will find the next-of-kin).
  • They divorced, moved, etc.
  • They cannot understand the documents.
  • Their life got in the way.
    Whether it’s one client or a thousand clients, we can find them at no risk to you. With a small retainer, if they don’t sign, you don’t pay.

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