We can find any client…

Clients may be unresponsive for a variety of reasons: illness, Alzheimer’s, moving locations, multiple addresses, etc. We can find them all.
Here is an example from the recent Roundup settlements. We received this email yesterday from an unresponsive client’s daughter:

“Your attempts to reach my mother were actually {helpful} because when we finally got ahold of her, we found her care taker was neglecting her needs. (Long story here)
At any rate, we had her removed to the hospital and are now in the process of placing her in long term care.
My mother has been deemed “cognitively impaired” (pending dementia diagnosis with a neurologist).
To that end, she is not in a state of mind where she should sign any legal documents.”

The people we are looking for are ill and need help. The email above shows exactly why we are in business and what our role is.

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