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Counsel for the proposed class of future Roundup claimants and Bayer AG’s Monsanto on Sunday asked a California federal judge to push back a hearing on a $2 billion settlement offer to May so they have more time to address recent objections to the deal.

The attorneys for the proposed class said that nine objections, along with four amicus briefs, were filed over the $2 billion deal to resolve potential future claims that the weedkiller causes cancer. In hundreds of pages, the objectors bring up numerous issues, such as attacks on the deal’s fairness and a proposed science advisory panel, the counsel said. Given the time needed to address and respond to these issues, attorneys for the proposed class asked a settlement hearing to be moved from March 31 to May 13, or any other appropriate date.

The $2 billion deal exclusively covers consumers who have not yet filed suit.

Monsanto isn’t stopping the sale of Roundup, or changing its makeup, so thousands of people will continue to risk getting cancer from Roundup after Feb. 3, 2021, the filings argued.

Monsanto and Bayer assert that Roundup doesn’t cause cancer, and they have not stopped selling it. Plaintiffs want a warning label on the product about a risk of cancer, but Monsanto states the Environmental Protection Agency has found that exposure to Roundup’s active ingredient, glyphosate, does not cause cancer in humans and no cancer warning is appropriate.


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