Need help locating your non-responsive clients?

Gaining clients is very expensive and losing them just because they are unresponsive is wasteful and painful. Don’t let them slip through your hands!
 Our job is to locate your unresponsive clients and make sure you get the most return on your investment.  We will locate your clients to:
 1.      Sign your firm’s retainers.
 2.      Locate non-responsive clients
 3.      Have them sign the release on settlements.
Here is one of many examples of us locating a non-responsive client: 

Actos (pioglitazone) was previously the best-selling Type 2 Diabetes drug. However, several scientific studies revealed that patients who took Actos had a far higher rate of bladder cancer than patients on other diabetic glucose control medications. In 2015, Takeda Pharmaceuticals settled roughly 9,000 claims for $2.4 billion.

Our client, a law firm, was in the process of compiling all the medical records for the case, but they had additional questions for one of their clients. They were unable to contact the respondent—the respondent never returned their calls or answer their multiple letters.

We found out that the respondent had a heart attack and was too sick to take care of herself. One of the respondent’s daughters picked the respondent up from the hospital and took the client to her home to take care of her. We found the daughter’s name, home address, and phone number. We were able to get the daughter in touch with the law firm and confirm the necessary paperwork and signatures back to our client.

There are many instances where people move around during a settlement. We are experts in locating them.

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