Need a signature for a settlement release?

Gaining clients is very expensive and losing them just because they are unresponsive is wasteful and painful. Don’t let them slip through your hands!
 Our job is to locate your unresponsive clients and make sure you get the most return on your investment.  We will locate your clients to:
 1.      Sign your firm’s retainers.
 2.      Locate non-responsive clients
 3.      Have them sign the release on settlements.
Here is one of many examples of us demonstrating our expertise:
 Yaz and Yasmin are birth control pills manufactured by Bayer AG. From 2009-2019, women who took Yaz and Yasmin suffered from heart attacks, gallbladder disorders, and blood clots. Federal multidistrict litigation closed in January 2019.
A woman received a $240K settlement offer but was completely unresponsive; to receive her settlement, she needed to sign the release. We learned that her husband was in the military and he, too, was unresponsive, and she was too distraught about him to deal with any other issues. We enlisted the client’s sister—who was are of the complex situation—to help us. Her sister called us, and we sent a notary with the documents to the client while the client and her sister were at a little league game, and she finally signed the release.
Do you need a client to sign a release on a settlement, but can’t find them? We can help locate them in even the most challenging circumstances.

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