We go through lengths to do our job.

 And our job is to locate your unresponsive clients and make sure you get the most return on your investment.  We will locate your clients to:
 1.      Sign your firm’s retainers
 2.      Locate non-responsive clients
 3.      Have them sign the release on settlements.
We help find even the hardest clients. Here is one example from the 2014 NuvaRing Lawsuit:
NuvaRing Lawsuit:
In 2014, Merck & Co. agreed to settle all claims over its hormone-infused NuvaRing birth control implant. Nearly 2,0000 lawsuits alleged that the product caused series injuries and deaths from blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.

           A woman, Jane, tried to call the firm representing her several months ago and told them she would sign the retainer, but she never sent it. CMTAS found out that she and her husband were evicted from their apartment and living with a stepsister. Their phones were disconnected due to lack of payment, and since several creditors were looking for them, they refused to answer any unknown number.

We finally obtained their cell number, but Jane continued to be unresponsive. She agreed to a date and time after we texted her. When she called us, she explained that, like many NuvaRing patients, her baby died because a blot clot developed in the placenta due to the NuvaRing.

Jane and her husband were having a difficult time coping with the tragedy and they did not want to even say the word “NuvaRing”, let alone deal with a lawsuit that reminded them of it every day. When we explained that her story could help future patients and avoid her tragedy by forcing the pharmaceutical company to warn people, she asked us to call her husband and convince him. After calling her husband and convincing him, they finally decided to sign.

This story is one of many stories we experienced when working in this case; however, we are experts in finding unresponsive clients. Whether you are looking for clients to sign a retainer, complete case settlements, or obtain proof of injury, we can help.

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